Middle East: new violence between Israelis and Palestinians

Depuis vendredi, quand les violences en Cisjordanie et à Jérusalem-Est occupée ont gagné la bande de Gaza, 11 Palestiniens ont péri dans ce territoire enclavé entre Israël, l'Egypte et la Méditerranée.

Since Friday, when the violence in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem won the Gaza Strip, 11 Palestinians were killed in this landlocked territory between Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean Photo credit:. THOMAS COEX / AFP

The Israeli army carried out an air raid on Sunday morning on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for new rocket fire. In the West Bank, a suicide attack was foiled by Israeli police.

The continued escalation between Israelis and Palestinians. A pregnant woman and her two year old daughter were killed in an Israeli air strike in Gaza Sunday, in a new day of violence that have raised fears a third intifada, Palestinian sources. In the occupied West Bank, Israeli police said it had foiled a “suicide bombing” in which his Palestinian author was seriously injured, the first attack of its kind since the beginning of the cycle of violence on 1 October.

After searching in recent days to avoid escalation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday rejected have the responsibility for violence during telephone interviews Saturday with Secretary of State John Kerry who told them “deep concern.” But despite calls from the international community for restraint, the violence triggered by the murder of a couple of settlers in the West Bank have continued unabated.

Early in the morning, Israeli aircraft carried out a raid in retaliation for a new rocket that was intercepted on Saturday night in southern Israel, the army said claiming that the target was “two Hamas weapons production workshops.” But according to Palestinian medical sources, Nour Hassan, 30, and daughter Rahaf, 2 years, were killed in the raid which destroyed their home in the northern Gaza Strip. Three other people were still trapped under the rubble of the house in the Zeitoun neighborhood. On the night of Friday to Saturday, a rocket fired from Gaza had fallen in the same area causing no injuries.

An attempted attack fails

Since Friday, when the violence in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem won the Gaza Strip, 11 Palestinians were killed in this landlocked territory between Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean. Among them, nine protesters were killed by bullets when hundreds of Palestinians defied the Israeli soldiers on the other side of the fence separating Gaza from Israel by throwing stones and burning tires in particular or attempting to cross it. There were some 150 wounded.

In the West Bank, a policeman stationed at a checkpoint near the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim spotted a “suspicious” vehicle traveling on a bus lane and orderly its conductive to stop. When approached, the woman got out of the car and shouted “God is great” in Arabic before a bomb was exploded in the vehicle, according to a new version of the font. One policeman was slightly wounded. According to state radio quoting police sources, Palestinian, twenty years and resident of East Jerusalem, apparently planning to commit a suicide car bomb in the holy city.

mutual accusations

Since the beginning of the wave of violence, 23 Palestinians were killed, including seven alleged perpetrators of attacks with knives and four Israelis. Israel has also arrested hundreds of Palestinians. The violence has awakened the specter of a third intifada after Palestinian uprisings against Israeli occupation in 1987 and 2000, although experts believe that is not there.

Saturday, M . Netanyahu told the US secretary of state he expected from the Palestinian Authority that it stops its “wild incitement, based on lies, that caused the current wave of terrorism.” And Abbas reiterated the need for the Israeli government to stop “cover settler provocations carried out under the protection of the army.”

In this volatile environment, remains to be seen what the reaction the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas which rules Gaza and other fighting organizations located there. Hamas, whose leader spoke of a new “intifada” might not be desirable to make things worse, analysts said, because it was rebuilt after the war with Israel in 2014.

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