Mexico: new images of the spectacular escape of El Chapo (video)

VIDEO– A new video shows with sound, mad escape of Joaquin Guzman, drug lord in Mexico. The latter is still at large.

A new unpublished video of the spectacular escape of 11 July prisoner Joaquin Guzman, alias “El Chapo” drug lord in Mexico, was broadcast Televisa October 14. On these sound images, can be heard several thuds coming from outside the cell of the drug trafficker. Meanwhile, the head of Sinaola cartel is lying on his bed watching a small television.

Then, in a very quiet way, he gets up, increase the sound of his television and goes to the shower. He crouched a moment and then got up. He then returned to his bed and looks donning shoes. Moments later, he walks into the shower again and disappears images the camera. Only 26 minutes later a guard comes to “control” the cell. He calls “Guzman? Guzman? “. Getting no response he reports to his superior. “There’s a hole in the shower (…) Grand, head, great.”

” But the prisoner is not there? “answers the top. “No leader is not there.” Thirty-seven minutes after the escape of “El Chapo,” guards entered the cell and slip into the hole in the shower.

La moto utilisée pour l'évasion d'El Chapo

The motorcycle used for the escape of El Chapo Photo credits: Eduardo Verdugo / AP

The rest is history. The drug trafficker escaped through a tunnel of 1.5 km by traveling on a motorcycle attached to the rails. The tunnel led to a house being built in a field. This escape worries at the highest point, particularly in the United States. “His quick capture is a priority for the Mexican and US governments,” assured John Kirby, spokesman for the US State Department, August 13.

This is the second time that Baron Mexican drug escapes from a maximum security prison. In 2001, hidden in a laundry basket, he had escaped the surveillance of his guards. He was arrested in 2014 after 13 years on the run.

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