Mexico: hundreds of evacuations following the eruption of Colima volcano

 Le volcan Colima situé à 450 km de Mexico est entré en éruption, samedi 11 juillet. 

The Colima volcano located 450 km from Mexico erupted on Saturday 11th July. AFP / Hector Guerrero

Several hundred people were evacuated and closed airport Saturday after the eruption of Colima volcano (450 km to the west of Mexico City) who could experience its biggest explosion in a century, have informed the authorities.

About 80 people were evacuated early Saturday morning but the evacuation of several villages, located in the states Jalisco and Colima, was decided in late afternoon when the volcano was gaining in intensity.

“These are small communities that do not exceed not 800. They have all been evacuated, “said the national coordinator of civil protection, Luis Felipe Puente.
The explosions of the volcano and lava flows continue and are constantly monitored by civil protection.

The Colima airport was also closed” because of ash falling in the area, “said Mario Anguiano Moreno governor. The experts found that the activity is “atypical, and presents similar conditions to 1913″, the year the volcano had experienced its strongest explosion.

Perimeter Security expanded

The volcano could continue operations and then gradually lose the strength in the coming weeks, but it might as well know his largest explosion in a century, said the Interior Ministry. A plume of steam and ash rose from the crater at midday and volcanic ash covered one of its sides. Lava flows occurred elsewhere on several slopes.

“The volcano has thrown all night pyroclastic flows,” wrote Luis Felipe Puente on Twitter. “This is the strongest activity since 2005,” he said on a radio. According to authorities, a layer of ash covered five centimeters Saturday Yerbabuena village at the foot of the volcano, which rises to 3,860 meters.

A large amount of gas, materials and hot ashes had accumulated inside the volcano and was brutally released are the effect of the pressure, experts said. The security perimeter around the crater was extended to 12 km. Automobile traffic was also limited throughout the area.

The Colima volcano, located between the states of Colima and Jalisco, is one of the most active in the country. He had been inactive since 1913 before waking up in 1988. It enters from regular activity.

VIDEO. Colima volcano eruption in January


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