Mexico: $ 3.8 million for the capture of drug lord (image)

«Une nouvelle fois recherché», peut-on lire sur ce poster montrant le visage de Guzman, accroché chez un vendeur de journaux à Mexico, lundi.

“Once again sought,” it said on the poster showing the face of Guzman, hung in a newspaper vendor in Mexico City on Monday Photo credit:. YURI CORTEZ / AFP

 IMAGE – The Mexican authorities have put a price on the head of the drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman, escaped from a high-security jail Saturday night. The sum is twice as high as would generally for the most wanted criminals.


The Mexican authorities are on the nerves: this is now more than two days the most powerful drug trafficker in Mexico managed to escape from the high security prison where he was incarcerated. Joaquin Guzman, alias “El Chapo,” escaped Saturday night Altiplano prison, and remains found since. The Mexican government has yet made his arrest a priority. The interior minister has announced Monday night that a $ 3.8 million reward (3.4 million euros) would be offered for the capture of the fugitive.

The head of the cartel Sinaloa beat monitoring of penitentiary personnel and cameras by digging a conduit from its shower and joining another tunnel specially designed for his escape. The tunnel opened into a house under construction in the vicinity of the prison. Joaquin Guzman borrowed it after cutting his electronic bracelet. Inside the passage, investigators found PVC pipes to air corridor, lights, and a motorcycle mounted with a rail traction mechanism, probably used for digging, route the ground or flee faster.

All of which suggests complicity within the prison, where many cartel leaders are incarcerated. The interior minister confirmed Monday that Joaquin Guzman “has undoubtedly benefited from complicity” within the institution, the minister added. “If that’s the case, it is an act of treason,” he blasted. Three high-level prison officials were dismissed and thirty employees are being interrogated. “We will pursue this relentlessly criminal,” the minister added.

The US want to cooperate

La procureure de Mexico a montré une photo de Joaquin Guzman rasé et imberbe au cours de la conférence de presse.

Counsel for Mexico showed Photo of Joaquin Guzman shaved and hairless during the press conference Photo credit:. YURI CORTEZ / AFP

For this, the government has offered a reward of $ 3.8 million for his capture, or double the amount usually offered by the Mexican authorities for the capture of the most wanted criminals. The support of Interpol was also asked to expand the search to more than one hundred countries. A photo of “El Chapo” shaved and hairless also aired at the press conference. By Saturday evening, a huge manhunt was launched after his death and is ongoing in ten countries States.

In the United States, authorities said they were “deeply concerned” about the escape of the criminal who controlled over 75% of drug trafficking to their country before his arrest. They consider his capture as a “priority”, said Monday the spokesman of the State Department. The United States were willing to cooperate in the arrest of Guzman, said the Mexican Minister of Interior.

“El Chapo”, short for “chaparro” (“Stumpy”) in reference to the size of 1.64 meters, had already escaped from a high security prison in 2001 by hiding in a laundry basket. Before his arrest, thirteen years later, the reward offered for his capture was 2.2 million in Mexico and $ 5 million in the United States.

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