Mali: what is known about the hostage

A week after the attacks in Paris, Mali has been its Tower mourns Friday terrorism, when armed men attacked the Radisson Hotel Bamako, killing at least 27 deaths among residents and employees before the security forces involved. In response, the Malian government decreed a 10-day state of emergency.

Who officials?
Little is known at present about the assailants. A military source, three of them were killed or blew themselves up. According to this source, a fourth terrorist could participate in the operation. The attack was claimed in the afternoon by the jihadist group Al-Mourabitoune, led by the Algerian Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The group, loyal to Al Qaeda, had claimed the first attack on Westerners in Bamako last March 7 in a bar-restaurant in the city, killing five people.

Who are the victims?
At the time of the attack, 140 customers and 30 employees were in the hotel, according to the group’s management. Foreigners of at least 14 nationalities were among the hostages, the Radisson is popular with foreign customers. According to an official from the Malian army, at least 27 people, customers as employees, were killed at the hands of the attackers, the others having been able to escape or be rescued by security forces. One of these victims is a top Belgian official, came to participate in a forum on the Francophonie, while the US has confirmed the death of one of their nationals.

10-day state of emergency
For its part, the government declared a ten-day state of emergency Sir the entire national territory. “This will strengthen the legal means and administrative authorities to find and make available to the judicial authorities of the terrorists who are on the run and possible accomplices,” he said in a statement. Furthermore, three days of mourning were decreed.

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