Madrid launches website to correct errors of journalists

Manuela Carmena, maire de Madrid, le 10 juillet 2015

Manuela Carmena, Mayor of Madrid, July 10, 2015 Photo credits: ANDREA COMAS / REUTERS

The new municipal team of Madrid decided to launch a site to refute the erroneous information published in the press. An initiative denounced by journalists and the Spanish opposition.

The council said it had created this site to provide “original information” in response to “inaccurate or could be qualified.” An official factchecking platform, therefore, not a community site. Open to debate, but also a political instrument of communication.

In a notice of 7 July (Spanish) team of the new mayor of Madrid and refutes the renaming project of some streets capital after the publication by several media, “a purported list established by the city council.” In another, the municipal team denies “the announcement of new taxes” against tourists are made by the media echoes by taking the statements of a municipal councilor.

If this information falls under the above Factual updates on possible errors, the process may seem more difficult when the leaflet refers to a particular medium. Record of Original returns on such a highly critical article published in the daily nationalist right, La Razon . It focused on the appointment to the post of Chief of the husband of the niece of the Madrid town councilor. The article states that “within the last transparency measures imposed by Ana Botella (conservative former mayor of Madrid, ed), it was decided that no counselor could not appoint as manager, a relative within the fourth degree of filiation. “In response, the municipality is justified arguing that” the appointment of Luis Cueto is lawful. ”

” climate of animosity towards the media “

Only the initiative does not please everyone on the side of the Spanish capital. Despite the idea of ​​”facilitate the work of media,” according to the municipality, journalists do not see this site favorably. Two journalists’ associations have asked the town hall site closure since it “creates a climate of hostility toward the media and journalists.” The Federation of Spanish journalists associations (FAPE) and the Journalists’ Association of Madrid (APM) recall that “there is already a right of correction” and that information from the municipality are not “necessarily accurate and true.”

The political opposition has also rushed into the breach. The justice minister, Rafael Catala (Popular Party) he denounced “a totalitarian regime perfume.” After a violent criticism of some party members Ahora Madrid which he believes they have previously “worked with this type of plan,” Rafael Catala said he would study the follow-up to this site.

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