Macedonia hard to regulate and filter the flow of refugees

Des migrants attndent de pouvoir entrer dans le camp de transit de Guevguelia, en Macédoine, ce vendredi.

Migrants attndent can enter the Guevguelia transit camp in Macedonia on Friday Photo credit:. Ognen TEOFILOVSKI / REUTERS

Many migrants via the Balkan route, Macedonia decided to limit the entries on its territory, in an attempt to cope with the influx.

Despite the cold begins to bite cheeks, Ali crosses with a smile to the great strides the gravel path between the train which will enable it to leave “as soon as possible” Macedonia, since Guevguelia transit camp. As a window of hope in the middle of a minefield course, started ten days ago in Qamishli, a Kurdish city in north-eastern Syria. “I had to leave because of Daech. But it’s Bashar caused this situation. (…) I have two brothers stayed and I do not know if they are still alive, “said the 33-year Kurdish, driver gear before the war.

To move the Syrian-Turkish border , join the Greek coast by canoe and win this piece of land surrounded by vineyards, Ali has paid 1100 euros. “I do not have papers,” he justified. If he remains traumatized by his crossing, he can not – or will not – remember his exact route….

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