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Libya: the CNT opens its embassy in Washington

The U.S. State Department authorized the establishment of the Embassy in Washington of the National Transitional Council (CNT) and the granting to the representation of the Libyan opposition from $ 13 million taken from the frozen funds of the Gaddafi regime .

“As I understand it, they will open their representation as soon as possible,” he told reporters Chris Stevens, U.S. envoy in Benghazi.

The United States has recently recognized the CNT as legitimate government authority in Libya. The Libyan Embassy in Washington was closed last March, shortly before the start of the operation otanienne Libya. The former ambassador, Ali Aujali, had resigned in protest against the repression of opponents. Now he could be appointed charge d’affaires.

Libya was the scene of an armed confrontation between the insurgents and the troops of Colonel Qaddafi in February. An international military operation takes place in the country since March 19. It started two days after the adoption by the Security Council of the UN resolution called upon to protect civilians Libyan allowing for the use of force for this purpose.

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