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Libya: PHR has documented crimes against humanity

NEW YORK, U.S. – Forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have forced civilians to act as human shields, forcing children to sit on tanks to prevent them from being destroyed by NATO aircraft, said the humanitarian organization Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) on Tuesday.

These movements are combined with numerous rapes, murders, “disappearances” and other war crimes investigators say the organization based in Boston.

PHR could send a team to Misrata between 5 and 12 June, just days after the rebels had driven the soldiers loyal to Gaddafi.

Interviews with survivors of the siege of two months have found that many war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed there – including summary executions, beatings, hostage-taking and rape. Schools, mosques and markets have also been used to store weapons.

“Four witnesses reported that the forces (Gaddafi) arrested 107 civilians and forced them to act as human shields to protect the deposits of weapons against NATO strikes in southern Misrata,” says a report released Tuesday.

“A father told PHR that the soldiers (Gaddafi) had forced his two young children to sit on a tank and threatened the family saying, ‘You stay there, and if NATO attacks us, you also die ‘.”

PHR has obtained copies of military orders showing that Gaddafi ordered his men to starve civilians Misrata while looting of food deposits and denying residents access to humanitarian aid.

The report’s lead author Richard Sollom, told The Associated Press that he was not able to determine that rape was used systematically, but the threat hovering constantly.

“One witness said that the forces (Gaddafi) had a primary school converted into a detention center where they have raped women and girls as young as 14 years,” says the report by PHR. The organization is against by not able to confirm or deny information seeking that Gaddafi had received substances such as Viagra to help these attacks.

PHR was only interested in the crimes allegedly committed by the men of Gaddafi.

Last week, the organization New Yorkers for the defense of human rights Human Rights Watch claimed to have found evidence that “strongly indicate that the Gaddafi government forces have committed numerous arbitrary killings when Tripoli fell.”

For its part, Amnesty International, whose headquarters is in London, was also accused of violating forces Gaddafi of children in detention, before the rebels accused Libya of abusing children and retain a prisoner of migrant workers.

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