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Libya: NATO warns against the proliferation of weapons

The Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, called the new Libyan authorities to prevent weapons being in Libya are scattered in other countries of North Africa.

“They [the National Transitional Council] must play a responsible role in the region, including preventing the proliferation of weapons in the North African countries,” he told reporters  in Brussels on Thursday.

The secretary general of NATO said that the embargo on arms deliveries to Libya remained in force and that the neighbors of that country were required to implement it.

On 31 October the Security Council of the UN decided to lift the no-fly zone established in heaven Libyan compliance with Resolution 1973. This decision put an end to “Operation Unified Protector” launched in March by the Atlantic Alliance in order to enforce this document of the Security Council.

The armed uprising in Libya lasted almost nine months. Clashes between government troops and rebels have killed thousands and caused enormous losses to the economy of this oil-producing country.

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