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Libya: Gaddafi vows to defeat NATO

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi pledged in his address to the nation Jamahiriya,defeat the forces of NATO on Friday night, the Western media reported on Saturday.

“The Libyan people are determined to defeat the traitors, even in case of nuclear attack,” he said.

“This is the first time they are faced with armed nation of millions of people. They will be defeated, the alliance will be beaten”, said the Libyan leader.

Since February, the regime of Colonel Qaddafi is facing a popular revolt which led the bloody international military intervention, following the adoption of resolution 1973 the Security Council of the UN.

March 19, a coalition of Western nations launched a military operation against Libya to set up a no-fly zone, to enforce the embargo on arms supplies to the Libyan regime and protect the population country’s civil. A few days later, the operation command is passed to NATO.

Air strikes were originally scheduled to end on June 27, the Alliance decided extends Libya campaign until late September on June 1.


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