Japan Gets Hit With Tremendous Aftershock

An earthquake aftershock measuring a magnitude of 7.4 (later downgraded to 7.1) hit Japan Thursday night—almost one month after the major 9.0 earthquake and huge tsunami ravaged the area. The aftershock is a terrible blow to the area which has been attempted to recover from last month’s disasters which killed over 25,000 people.

With fear of another tsunami, Japan’s meteorological agency issued a warning then lifted all alerts less than a couple of hours later. The warning had been issued for a coastal area that was victim to the March 11 disasters.

Aftershocks are common after earthquakes, especially major ones. Japan actually received a 7.9 magnitude earthquake 30 minutes after the March 11 disaster. The northeast region has received hundreds of aftershocks since last month’s big earthquake, but not many have been stronger than 7.0. Experts say this area is experiencing a lot of siesmic activity right now so there may be more aftershocks to come.

Many hold concern over the nuclear plants in Japan since the earthquake/tsunami combo last month. It is said that there has been no serious damage and workers were evacuated from the plants without injury. There has been vast power loss and the nuclear power plants are on backup generators. Though the power has been lost, there have been mass amounts of people on the streets.



Angelica Bee

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