Ivory Coast: Ouattara on track for a new mandate

Alassane Ouattara sourit à ses partisans, après avoir voté dimanche dans le quartier résidentiel de Cocody, à Abidjan.

Alassane Ouattara smiled to supporters after voting Sunday in the residential district of Cocody, Abidjan Photo credit:. SIA KAMBOU / AFP

estimated the President of Côte d’Ivoire should be reelected in the first round after Sunday’s election.

There was no heavy suspense, but President Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, can be satisfied. According to estimates, it would get a landslide victory in the presidential election held Sunday, ensuring a second term in the first round. Facing a weakened and divided opposition, that reelection was obtained without much difficulty during a campaign without enthusiasm but which resulted in a peaceful election. African observers have assured Monday that the elections had been “credible”, “free and transparent”. Kouadio Konan Bertin, one of the rivals of the incumbent, has also published on Monday accepted the trends and congratulated the winner. The satisfecit the presidential clan is even bigger than the participation rate is expected to more than 50%, even as analysts expected a lower rate. An independent platform considers such participation to 52%. And it is probably in this figure contested by some losing candidates, as will the controversies from voting. “But this does not go very far,” says a diplomat.

“Participation does not change much in reality. Reconciliation in Côte d’Ivoire remains to be done, and that is the great failure of the first term of President ”

Rodrigue Koné analyst

The election of 2015 is therefore not likely to experience the catastrophic scenario of the 2010, which had seen Laurent Gbagbo refused defeat, plunging Ivory Coast into a crisis that killed more than 3000 dead. Nothing says however that this return to the polls in the calm has totally turned the tensions. “Participation does not change much in reality. Reconciliation in Côte d’Ivoire remains to be done, and that is the great failure of the president’s first term, “says the analyst Rodrigo Koné. Since 2011, President Ouattara had nevertheless seized of the issue, setting up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission dialogue (CDVR), on the South African model, to purge the old hatreds. But the agency, told Charles Konan Banny, haughty personage and then too close to the president, failed. “The CDVR worked too narrowly, too little public, so that was its reason for being,” says Drissa Traoré, Vice President of the International Human Rights Federation (FIDH). The final report of the commission, made there almost a year to the President of the Republic, has still not been published. “What is very strange, and, again, contrary to custom,” insists Drissa Traoré.

Ivorian courts by holding several close of Laurent Gbagbo, including his wife Simone, but sparing allies of Alassane Ouattara, have reinforced this impression of a partial reading of history, of a victor’s justice. And the indictment in September of fifteen close to the president, including the military, did not dispel the discomfort. “The Ivorian justice is now missed his role. But conflicts are born of injustice, impunity and exclusion, “warns Eric-Aimé Semien of the Observatory of Human Rights.

” This refusal to part of the population to endorse the fall of Gbagbo, the former president of sanctification make the launch of the very complicated reconciliation for the government ”

an observer

Thus, in Yopougon, a huge popular suburb of Abidjan, largely acquired Laurent Gbagbo, mistrust remains. “We are not afraid, but it distrusts the other,” Emilien Roar slides, a local resident. These “others”, supporters of Ouattara, he never refers. The memory of the violence that fell between the houses on the sheet Gbagbo shortly after his arrest in April 2011 is still too vivid. One always tells the same stories of murders and rapes, never verified, but that all take for real. Some are no doubt. Emilien and his friends recall however that few abuses that “others” have endured just before, from the pro-Gbagbo militiamen. We simply minimize or even deny the. As this would criticize President Gbagbo, imprisoned in The Hague for four years, but still considered here as the only legitimate leader and sometimes as a new apostle martyr. “The refusal of part of the population to endorse the fall of Gbagbo, the former president of sanctification make the launch of the very complicated reconciliation for the government. But it is their task to reassure all Ivorians, to give pledges. We must act quickly now, otherwise the second term Ouattara will be difficult, “says one observer

Congo. Challenged yes vote on a new constitution

Victory is as overwhelming as somewhat surprising. According to official figures released Tuesday the draft new constitution in Congo is widely adopted at the end of Sunday’s referendum avec92,26% yes. And participation would amount to over 72%.

Especially this rate, which has boosted the opposition, which had called for a boycott of a qualified vote of “illegal”. “When we saw what we saw on election day, announced a turnout of over 72%, it is extremely outrageous, responded Clément Miérassa, one of the leaders of a platform of opposition. It denotes bad faith and dishonesty. These are tripatouillés results. “Several observers also cast doubt on this strong influx in the polls for this highly contested referendum. For opponents, the new text is intended only to allow President Denis Sassou-Nguesso, who accumulates thirty years of power, maintain, possibility hitherto doubly impossible. The new Constitution allows indeed a third term and removes the age limit of candidates.

The campaign has led to fierce clashes between security forces and demonstrators opposed the ballot that caused ten deaths. For a week, the government banned gatherings in the capital, Brazzaville, and house arrest of opposition leaders some while SMS, mobile and on Radio France Internationale Internet (RFI) are cut. The clashes in Congo have revived fears of a return to civil war that ravaged the country between 1997 and 2003

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