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Iran: Obama calls on Israel not to act alone

WASHINGTON – On Sunday U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated in Washington that the U.S. did not rule out military option in the file of Iran’s nuclear program, while urging Israel not to act unilaterally and rather let the sanctions to their effect.

He stressed that, for the security of Israel, America and the world, time was not to bluster and that we should let the growing pressure on Iran to its effect as well as support broad international coalition that was put in place.

Barack Obama said he firmly believed that diplomacy, backed by pressure, could succeed and invited everyone to weigh the consequences of military action against Iran. He argued that in this case, it was already too much talk of war. The U.S. president said in a recent interview with The Atlantic magazine that a unilateral Israeli attack would be counterproductive, especially with Iran’s role assaulted.

Many experts and U.S. military officials doubt the effectiveness of a strike against Iranian nuclear facilities underground and fortified, and believe it would serve, in the best case, to delay the program a few years.

The United States and the international community suspect Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons. Tehran contends that its program is only civilian aims to produce energy. Israel believes his side that an Iran with nuclear weapons would be a mortal threat to the Jewish state. Especially, say the Israelis, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly threatened to “wipe out”.

Benjamin Netanyahu finds that the international sanctions do not work and that the talks were a “trap” for the Iranians to save time. The Israeli political and military leaders have suggested that the Jewish state could act without the prior consent of Washington.

“We are an independent and sovereign state, and ultimately, the State of Israel will take the decisions it considers most appropriate,” noted the Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday.

On Sunday Israeli President Shimon Peres said during a speech to AIPAC delegates that Israel would win if forced to confront Iran.

“Iran is an evil regime, cruel, morally corrupt,” he said. “The Jewish State knows the horrors of war and did not research with Iran, but if we are forced to fight, believe me, we will prevail.”

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