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Iran and six world powers in Baghdad to discuss the nuclear issue

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iran and the Group of Six – the five countries of the Security Council of the UN (China, USA, France, Britain and Russia) plus Germany – opendiscussions  on the nuclear issue in Baghdad on Wednesday.

About 15,000 police and military are responsible for protecting the Green Zone of Baghdad where negotiations will take place.

Discussions should begin around noon (0900 GMT).

Catherine Ashton, spokesman for EU foreign and who led the delegation of the “Groupof Six”, arrived Wednesday morning in the Iraqi capital after a recent meeting with itsnegotiating partners in Jordan.

In Tehran, the Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said he hoped “to receive good news within a day or two.”

“Their strategy made ​​of pressure and intimidation is vain. They (the Group of Six) must make decisions that show their willingness to resolve the issue (nuclear),” he added.

The Islamic Republic says its nuclear program is purely civilian and that it does not seek to acquire nuclear weapons.

Western countries and Israel disagree and the Jewish state considers an Iran withnuclear fire as a threat to its existence.

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