In Syria, rebels seeking strategy

Un djihadiste d'Ahrar al-Sham.

A jihadist of Ahrar ash-Sham Photo credit:. Firas Faham / Anadolu Agency

To counter the Russian military offensive, insurgents multiply Gulf of calls to their sponsors with a view to unifying their ranks.

Uniting between rebels? But with that to avoid a new jihadist radicalization? A week after the start of a Russian military offensive in Syria that upset the internal dynamics of the conflict, anti-Assad insurgents are forced to realign the field and to press their foreign sponsors to form “a regional coalition” against a “Russian-Iranian occupation” of their country. Time playing against them, the calls have multiplied in recent days. In a statement posted on the Internet Monday, 41 rebel factions emphasize that “the brutal Russian occupation crossed the road to a political solution” to the conflict. The insurgents are demanding more aid in arms and money supplied by their Saudi and Qatari sponsors with the endorsement of Turkey.

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