In Mexico, six died in a demonstration of teachers

Les heurts ont éclaté lorsque 800 policiers sont venus déloger un millier d’enseignants qui bloquaient une route d’Asunción Nochixtlán.

Violent clashes left six dead, Sunday, June 19, in southern Mexico, during a teacher demonstration protesting against a series of educational reforms.

the clashes broke out when some 800 police officers intervened to dislodge a thousand teachers who blocked for one week a road Nochixtlan Asunción, in the tourist state of Oaxaca with the help of a hundred students and other supporters, including parents of students. Unidentified men groups opened fire against civilians and police officers.

Journalist killed

The Governor State, Gabino Cue, and the head of the federal police, Enrique Galindo, stated, during a press conference that the six people who died were civilians.

Fifty-three Mexican citizens and 41 federal agents and 14 local policemen, were injured in the violence. Most are in a state “critical” , an official of the Public Security, Jorge Alberto Ruiz. Eight policemen were injured by gunfire and 21 people were arrested, he added.

In addition, two other people, including a journalist, were killed near the scene of looting a shop in the middle of clashes in Juchitan de Zaragoza, another locality of the state of Oaxaca, where clashes have spread to.

“This is a reporter for the daily El Sur Elidio Ramos Zárate, known under the alias of Guillermo “Bet” “ and a person accompanying him, said the mayor of the municipality, Saul Vicente Vazquez. The authorities were unable to clarify whether these two persons were among the six dead.

Gunshot Wounds

Des groupes d’hommes non identifiés ont ouvert le feu contre les civils et les policiers.

during the clashes, demonstrators threw stones and molotov cocktails and burned cars. The police have meanwhile fired tear gas at the demonstrators, teachers of the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE). Journalists from the AP also reported that the police had opened fire.

The Mexican federal government said first Sunday that some police officers were injured by gunfire, while its police officers carried no weapon.

“armed attacks were some people outside the blockages that fired on the population and the federal police. “

But images filmed by AP showed at least one policeman firing repeatedly with a gun, it is not possible to determine whether there was a federal or local police. In the evening, the head of the federal police that he had sent armed officers after its agents had to face gunfire.


The clashes continued Sunday several cities in southern Mexico, particularly in the south of Oaxaca, San Pablo Huitzo or at Santiaguito, where demonstrators burned several police facilities.

for weeks, teachers unions have blocked streets, shopping centers and railway routes in the state of Michoacan in western Mexico, and prevented from bus to Oaxaca. A camp was also established in the main square of Oaxaca.

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