In Italy, the puzzle of (many) property seized in mafia

“In Italy, it is more difficult to manage the property seized from mafia to confiscate them. ” Michelangelo Patanè, prosecutor in Catania, described Wednesday the puzzle to which the Italian authorities face: result of years of struggle against Cosa Nostra in Sicily, the Camorra in Naples and the ‘Ndranghetta in Calabria, the state is aujourd ‘hui at the head of some 3,000 companies and owner of more than 12,000 properties. The question is what the country will do.

“We had a real estate, corporate and other mafia-seized property that had grown more than expected,” he told AFP the Prefect Umberto Postiglione, Director of the National Agency for the management of property confiscated from the mafia (ANSBC), created in 2010 to try to remedy this overflow. The numbers are impressive: over the past six years, justice has confiscated from the mafia 1.286 hectares of land, equivalent to a tenth of the area of ​​Catania, a study from the floor of this city. The number of employees in foreclosures enterprises reached 684 people over the same period, making this group the 4th largest private employer of Sicily.

A villa converted into a museum

Admittedly entry property is considered one of the main weapons in the fight against the Mafia. “The Mafia is more afraid the seizure of his property 10 years in prison for these 10 years, it takes into account in its projects,” said Giuseppe Giuffrida, accountant and manager for 25 years seizures companies to the Mafia. Over the time, mafias are wary: “In Naples, two of the agency’s employees are gone, accompanied by police take possession of a foreclosed home to a local mafia” recalls Umberto Postiglione. “When they introduced the key given by the former owner in the lock, they were projected on the opposite wall by a discharge of 380 volts. Fortunately we did not kill them.”

When they do not explode, some goods can have a new life more “honorable”. For example the villa of a Neapolitan boss, Egidio Coppola, now a museum in late June. And the traditional marathon of Rome in the spring, it is not uncommon to see a Porsche Cayenne with the logo of the Italian Red Cross and the inscription: “confiscated vehicle to the underworld”


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