In Indonesia, kissing is now prohibited by law

It was a promise of a local leader. Young people under 17 years can no longer kiss in the evening since 1 October.

This is the new law that decided to implement the leader of Purwakarta district, Dedi Mulyadi. This reform had been tested in pilot villages, but was formalized on October 1, according to World.

If the rule is broken, the punishment will be heavy. A forced marriage. Indeed, Indonesia, the legal age for marriage is 17 years. Three warnings will first be attributed to young “offenders”, but if they continue to kiss each night, they will meet with their parents, Dedi Mulyadi, and decide on a possible marriage. Young people who refuse to marry will be expelled from the village.

A first couple have already been forced to move the ring finger, according to an article Tempo . In the village of Cijunti two divorced continued to see and were surprised three times at midnight. The penalty was not long in coming. Marriage was given by the leader of the district.

“protect the honor of the parents of girls”

Dedi Mulyadi is a strong advocate traditions. In particular, hope that through this law, youth shall lie down earlier. Another leitmotif: his desire to “protect the honor of the parents of young girls and to fight against unwanted pregnancies.” Remember, abortion is banned throughout the country, but in this district, the maternal mortality rate is two times higher than the national average.

Dedi Mulyadi, a publié sur son compte Facebook les photos de son inspection de caméras de surveillance.

Dedi Mulyadi, published on his Facebook account photos of the inspection surveillance cameras.

Dedi Mulyadi also seems to be very attention to comfort couples. He says he built “meeting houses” equipped with tables, chairs, garden, Wi-Fi, but also and above all CCTV cameras, he went to inspect himself.

He said that “90% of people are in favor of the ban.” These figures are not based on anything concrete, but this measure seems to “reassure mothers” according to an Indonesian journalist Rina Dewi.

In some 183 villages in very rural area of ​​Purwakarta that will be affected by this law, 150 people declared themselves ready to follow this rule, Friday, October 2nd.

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