In Hong Kong, the Post wants to eliminate the British crowns boxes with letters

Une cinquantaine de boîtes à lettres installées à l'époque britannique et ornées des emblèmes royaux sont toujours en usage à Hongkong.

Fifty mailboxes installed at the British era and adorned with royal emblems are still in use in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong post announced that the symbols present on the letter boxes inherited the British period would be covered to “avoid confusion”. Citizens and conservation specialists attached to these objects mobilize and denounce a political decision.

This tourist emblem may soon disappear. In Hong Kong, the mailboxes installed at the British era are recognizable by their long form and logo in honor of a monarch topped by a crown. But this postal identity not please everyone: the local station decided to cover the British emblems on each of these 59 historic boxes, reports The Guardian

From 1842 to 1997. , the date of the handover of Hong Kong to China, the region was under British administration. The boxes for receiving mail have been modeled on those installed in Britain since 1852: a red metal pillar, the opening for inserting the mail are at the top. Below are visible the British crown and the initials of the monarch in place at the time were installation.

When Hong Kong ceased to be a British colony, the mailboxes have been preserved, mainly for reasons practices. They have been repainted in green, points The Guardian , but the present emblems were unchanged. The logo of the honkongaise position was simply added on top of the British crown.

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In 2012 already, a politician had expressed his discomfort with symbols of the colonial era, to book museums. The office of antiquities and monuments, however, had said that “the best way to preserve these iconic objects is to keep them in use rather than placing them in a museum.” Some of these old mailboxes had still been exhibited in the Museum of History in Hong Kong. This decision followed a citizen mobilization in 2010, asking the station to maintain and nurture these boxes.

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Three years later, it is still no question of relegating boxes to the museum, but to hide the colonial symbol wear it. The goal is to “avoid confusion”, justified the Hong Kong station, without further details. For Conservation Alliance, a heritage protection association informed about the project on September 9, this choice can be explained by political motivations. “Some very sensitive about have recently been expressed regarding decolonization” tip-Peter Li Siu-man. The spokesman referred in particular to the remarks of a former official with Beijing’s policy pointed to the “failure” of Hong Kong vis-à-vis decolonization.

Hoping to return the position on this decision, the association launched a Facebook page inviting all Hong Kong people to post pictures of these royal remains, she also identified on a map. Wednesday at noon, the initiative brought together 1,200 people.

This decision was announced just one year after the outbreak of umbrellas Movement and he has driven significant mobilization in Hong Kong. The tensions are still vivid around the necessary political reforms by Beijing, in this culturally marked by the British administration region and running on the model of “one country, two systems”. In June, Parliament Hong Kong has rejected a reform advocated by the Chinese central government on the election of the executive. On Monday, the leader of the movement also stressed its willingness to maintain a balance of power with China.

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