In Athens, demonstrators stand against work Sunday

Photo credits: ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP

VU ATHENS – As the Greek Parliament is about to expand the authorization of Sunday work by voting the Europe Agreement, in the streets of Athens demonstrators denounced the stifling of small shops and rail against the first minsitre Tsipras, which they would not have had to yield to “the EU diktats “

“No to the opening of shops on Sundays!”. A large banner barred Sunday morning Ermou pedestrian street in the tourist center of Athens. While the Greek parliament is preparing to vote next Wednesday, the second part of the Europe Agreement, including on the authorization of Sunday work, a few hundred far-left activists shouted their anger. “We do not have enough time to do our shopping !, proclaims the prospectus they distribute to passersby. There is a lack of money and time to live. ”

The law already allows Greek traders to open seven Sundays a year. This Sunday, the first Sunday of balances, many had chosen to work, taking advantage of the presence of tourists. But the windows of fashion boutiques, activists pasted their posters, blocking the door opening. “We try to keep stores closed, says Ilia, union member librarians. If customers want to go, we will not stop. We just explain to them that they can do their shopping on another day. ” Mick, a member of the Trotskyist movement Spartacist plague against the party of the radical left in power, Syriza, which “sold the working class to the dictates of the EU, a disaster for the Greek economy.” “Outside the capitalists, who can not provide a decent living for workers !, he chanted. Here the rich owners do not pay taxes. We want to try them then expropriate. ”

” The bosses do not have the means to pay additional days “

Ioanna Gaitani Syriza MP for Salonika, came to support the demonstrators. “The European Union wants us to work on Sundays, this little brunette gets carried away, part of the 32 members voting no at European level. But it is the death of the shop! Small family businesses can not work every day! Do you know how these young saleswomen are paid less than 25 years: 480 euros per month! And bosses do not have the means to pay for days or overtime. There are not enough officials to check, and the EU does not want us to hire more … ”

In his megaphone, activist calls foreign” If it happens here, it will ever happen to you too! Be solidarity! »But tourists do not care. And stopped their ears, they rush a little further in the pedestrian zone, where most of the shops are open and waiting for them impatiently.

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