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Hungary: nationalists demonstrate against EU

On Saturday a demonstration demanding the withdrawal of Hungary from European institutions was held in Budapest, the Western media report.

Organized by the far-right party Jobbik (For a new Hungary), the event drew nearly 3,000 people. Two members of the Hungarian nationalist party set fire to a European flag.

“Hungary must leave the EU. Europe does not need our cheap labor, our markets and a place where you can dispose of garbage,” said the leader Gábor Vona nationalists.

In November 2011, Hungary, which is facing serious financial difficulties, sent an official request for assistance to the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Budapest must to receive amend a law on the independence of its central bank.

The positions of the nationalists are strong enough in Hungary. In particular, the party Jobbik received 47 seats in parliament following the elections held in April 2010.

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