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Half of Mexicans live in poverty (Report)

55 million Mexicans, half of the country’s population live in poverty, the president of National College of Economists, Jesus Alberto Cano Velez said on Saturday, during the conference “Pathways to national development. “.

“We live in a country with enormous natural resources whose profits remain in the hands of a small group of people because of their inequitable distribution, while half the population lives below the poverty line, ” said the famous economist.

According to official data, the number of poor in Mexico amounted to 25.5 million people.


According to Mr. Kano, the situation is causing social tensions and the rise of organized crime in the country. The economist believes that the current model of development of the country has exhausted its possibilities, which involves finding new ways.

Among the most important analyst cited political and financial scale, as well as improving the tax system.




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