Greek Crisis: Hollande tightrope

Le président français a enchaîné les apartés, notamment avec Alexis Tsipras et Angela Merkel.

The French president shackled asides, especially with Alexis Tsipras and Angela Merkel Photo credit:. Francois Walschaerts / AP

French President which has stepped up efforts to reach a compromise between Greece and Europe, was hit head to the inflexibility of the hard line taken by Germany.

A cold shower, chilling. After advances in recent days, the failure of Saturday’s Eurogroup, including a French official described the “great violence” cast a chill on hopes of François Hollande, who has worked for the referendum to avoid Grexit. Arriving Sunday afternoon at the summit of the eurozone, the words of the president did this time left no room for ambiguity: “The issue is whether Greece will be tomorrow in the euro area. And the issue is Europe (…), a conception of Europe, he insisted. France will do everything to reach an agreement this evening, allowing Greece, if the conditions are met, to stay in the eurozone. ”

Amid new Franco-German disagreement, so …

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