Great powers: “Gaddafi has to leave immediately”

Russians said that would be able to convince Muammar Gaddafi to give up power, says Massimo Gaggi-the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”.

Barack Obama after the Group of “Eight summit” in French Deauville, where he obtained the agreement of Russia to arrange mediation to force Gaddafi to withdraw from power, he went to Poland “.

“At a meeting with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Warsaw, the U.S. president is expected to announce the transfer by 2013, two squadrons of U.S. F-16 fighters for the Polish air force base. This decision, apparently, does not cause severe irritation with the Russian side, traditionally very sensitive related to everything that is happening in Poland. Yesterday the Russian side had joined the invitation of Obama in Libya and signed a final communiqué G8, which harshly condemned the position of Gaddafi and the Syrian regime “- the author writes.

“At the conclusion of the summit, Dmitry Medvedev, was not difficult to repeat the assertion of the” great “and that ” Colonel Gaddafi and his regime continued to commit crimes against the people of Libya, Gaddafi has lost its legitimacy and should leave”. Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov added:” We will help him leave the scene”. Previously, the Russian Foreign Ministry received the offer of mediation and from the Prime Minister of the Gaddafi,” too. – said the reporter.


Obama is trying to find a new diplomatic way out of the “stagnation” by offering Russia a role in Libya’s party, the article says. Updated atmosphere “reboot” of the US-Russian relations has achieved a compromise with Syria  : Russia has joined the condemnation of the Syrian regime hard participants of the summit, but did so in exchange for giving the other leaders to demand the expulsion of Syrian President Assad and the adoption of the resolution on human rights, similar to that was accepted by Libya.



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