The German political class is outraged after anti-refugee

L'incendie samedi soir près de Dresde a fait de lourds dégâts mais aucune victime.

The fire Saturday night near Dresden did heavy damage but no casualties Photo credits:. RICO LOEB / AFP

Two incidents against migrants occurred last week in the Dresden area, causing the dismay of some German politicians. Last achieved on fire Saturday night for a future home for asylum seekers in front of obviously delighted onlookers Demonstrators prevent refugees from accessing their homes in the region. Dresden, Germany, sending them violent “go home!”. Others who seem to welcome the fire of a future home for asylum seekers. In less than a week, two anti-migrant incidents hit Saxony, causing outrage from the political class, especially among members of the coalition government combining the Conservatives and the Social Democrats.

The Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere has said he was totally “unacceptable that people from seeking protection against persecution are being welcomed by hatred.” On Twitter, many of his colleagues in government have also expressed outrage. The Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, wrote on the social network: “Those who applaud as houses burn, those frightened refugees behave atrocious and disgusting way”.

“racists are a disgrace to our country. Shame on you, “piped Michael Roth, the Secretary of State for European Affairs.

“Something is wrong in Saxony”

Aydan Özoguz, responsible for integration issues to the government, widely described as “something * would * not in Saxony.” In the federal states where the far right is very good scores, thousands of acts against réfufiés were recorded. Dresden, the capital of Saxony, is also the birthplace of Pegida, a movement Islamophobic and anti-refugee, born in 2014.

Thus, the fire Saturday night, which broke out in a future home to refugees, appears to be a new act against migrants add to the long list in the region. At the time of the tragedy, between twenty and thirty odd demonstrating outside the building a joy “undisguised”, police said. Others have even launched about disdainful towards migrants. If the damage is significant, there were no casualties. Among the onlookers, many were visibly alcohol, and three of them even tried to impede the intervention of firefighters. Two other youths were arrested for opposing forces.

The fire, whose origin is probably criminal – the views of the product traces accelerating the combustion that have been found – comes two days after a first incident Clausnitz, south of Dresden. Thursday night, asylum seekers arrived by bus in the city to join their new home. widely disseminated videos on social networks showed a policeman grab a teenager by the neck and out of the bus as the cries of a hundred demonstrators shouting at their address: “Clear!” or “Go home!”

the attitude of the police, described as violent, had already been the subject of criticism this weekend from opposition parties, the Greens and the radical left left party. At a press conference, the head of the local police had meanwhile defended his men, saying that the refugees had sent “obscene” acts against protesters. According to the ZDF news channel and a local radical left-elected, the director of the home to accommodate refugees would be a member of the populist AFD, “Alternative for Germany”, an anti-immigration party, which uses the crisis refugees to climb in the polls.

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