Funny advice of a German mayor to refugees

Des réfugiés sont aiguillés par un policier vers des bus, à Passau, en Allemagne.

Refugees are referred by police to buses, Passau, Germany Photo credit:. CHRISTOF STACHE / AFP

Learning language, health, relationships between men and women … The elected official of this small town in south-western Germany has developed a list of recommendations meant to help migrants to integrate into the community.

Corresponding to Berlin

After the welcome, advice. In Germany, good intentions are sometimes disconcerting. So the mayor of Hardheim in Baden-Württemberg, has he sent a letter to his “dear foreign” to help them integrate. “Welcome to Germany,” he begins. “You have gone through difficult times, this is behind. Now, it is your responsibility not to remain foreigners in our country, but facilitate the common life between the inhabitants and refugees. “It must be said that Hardheim, a town of 4600 inhabitants, 1000 asylum seekers are housed in a former military barracks

But the advice of the mayor, Volker Rohm, are surprising. They move from language learning to that … cleanliness. “Germany is a land and must remain so,” says the mayor. “When you’re outside, it carries waste to the next bin.” The rest is in keeping. “When using public toilets are left clean.” Or “. In case of urgent needs, use the toilet and not the gardens, parks or bushes”

The rules of behavior also aimed everyday life. Respect the property of each first: “In Germany, we respect private property. One does not enter into gardens or buildings, we do not eat fruits or vegetables that are not ours “and even people.” Young girls are inconvenienced be asked for their phone number or their contact and do not want to marry anyone. ”

” This is the parliament that makes the law, and not the Prophet “

awkward or displaced, these recommendations emphasize the misunderstanding and fear increasing the German company cope with the influx of refugees. Tuesday night, it is a photomontage on ARD, showing a veiled Angela Merkel to illustrate a subject on the reception of migrants, which caused a wave of comments. Many have accused the chain to have, by will of soliciting taken a xenophobic rhetoric. Wednesday is Bild , the most widely read newspaper in Germany, which published an edition written entirely in Arabic, saying “Welcome from the heart.” But the newspaper also explained there “sections of the Basic Law and why, in Germany, the Basic Law is superior to the Bible or the Koran.” Even in the Bundestag, there are similar warnings. Last week, the CDU deputy, Thomas Strobl, said that in Germany, “it is the parliament that makes the law, and not the Prophet.”

On television Wednesday evening, Chancellor Angela Merkel has strongly defended its policy of openness towards refugees, whatever the difficulties. “This is a difficult task. Perhaps the most difficult since reunification, “she said. But she also stressed the need for the integration of migrants. “Everyone must obey the laws” of land of welcome, she said. This is the condition for success.

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