Fukushima radioactive emissions exceed forecasts

Emissions of radioactive cesium in the atmosphere following the accident at the nuclear plant in Fukushima Japan in March 2011 reached 40,000 TBq (TBq), reported the Japanese Meteorological Agency on Wednesday.

According to initial estimates, the emissions caused by the disaster would amount to 15,000 TBq. Thus, the total emissions of Fukushima reached 20% of the level after the Chernobyl accident in April 1986.

The calculations were performed on samples of seawater collected in April-May 2011 to 79 locations around the damaged power plant.

Accidents occurring in the central Fukushima following the devastating earthquake of 11 March 2011 led to several radioactive leaks at the site. Authorities have evacuated the population living within 30 km around the plant.

Traces of radioactive cesium and iodine were detected in soil, sea water and in food, not only in Fukushima Prefecture but also in surrounding areas.


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