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“Fukushima-1″ is not ready for a summer typhoon

TOKYO, May 28. The company is the operator of nuclear power plant emergency Tokyo Electric Power disseminated information that NPP is not fully ready for worsening weather conditions in the area.

According to news, after the accident, officials began processing plant building units of the special synthetic resin that prevents dispersed  radioactive particles, but the work was not completed.

Adviser to the Prime Minister of Japan on the eve of Gosee Hosono also taken by the operator called “Fukushima-1″ guard against wind and rain scarce.

In TEPCO plans to complete the processing of the nuclear plant resin in June.

Meanwhile, in central Japan in these days begins the rainy season, which lasts until about mid-July. As RIA Novosti, heavy rains may contribute to release of radioactive water into the environment, and the typhoon may cause damage to nuclear facilities.

According to forecasts of the meteorological control of the country on Sunday in connection with the approximation of the second year, in a Pacific typhoon “Songdo” in district “Fukushima-1″ will fall heavy rain and wind that can trigger the spread of radioactive dust from inside the station.





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