First anniversary of the revolt in Syria

BEIRUT – Thousands of supporters of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus protesting Thursday to challenge the popular uprising, which began a year ago against the Syrian regime.

On the first anniversary of the uprising against the Syrian President al-Assad demonstrations of support for the rebellion crushed in blood were also planned. The UN estimates that more than 7,500 the number of victims of repression.

The Foreign Minister Alain Juppe warned that “our people are deeply divided and if we give weapons to a certain fraction of the opposition in Syria, we will organize a civil war between Christians, Alawites, Sunnis and Shiites “. “It could be a disaster even greater than what exists today,” he said.

Saudi Arabia, which has decided to close its embassy in Damascus and recalled its staff and diplomats, advocates that the international community provides assistance to armed opposition to Assad.

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