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Fidel Castro: The world is moving towards the abyss

On Thursday in his reflections published on the website CubaDebate, the guide of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro said that the world is moving “inexorably” toward the abyss.

This publication of the Commander (the first since mid-November) continues his “reflections” on international issues.

“We are threatened by many dangers, but two of them – nuclear war and climate change – are decisive and very far from being solved,” says Castro (85 years) in an article entitled “Walking to the bottom “.

After noting that 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the 1962 missile crisis had “turned the world on the brink of a global nuclear war,” the Commander said that the risk of outbreak of war and use of nuclear weapons increases with the rising tensions in the Middle East.

“The tensions also increase around Russia, a country whose potential response is no doubt, but which is now endangered by the European nuclear shield,” says Castro.

The guide of the Cuban Revolution refers to as “ridiculous” claims of the United States under which the “nuclear shield in Europe is necessary, among other things, to protect Russia against Iran and North Korea.”

Even if humanity manages to prevent war, there is “another drama that develops at an increasing rate,” said Mr. Castro. This is climate change.

He said the world is currently no policy to deal with this challenge.

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