The EU and Turkey decided to halt immediately the exodus in the Aegean sea

Photo credits: ARIS MESSINIS / AFP

the compromise between the Twenty-Eight and Ankara, accessed by Le Figaro , plans to return to Turkey all migrants, even Syrian, illegally entered Europe. The text also lists the compensation granted to the Turks.

Correspondent in Brussels

After a year of chaos through the Aegean Sea Europe and Turkey are the turning point they decided Wednesday “to stop irregular migration” between the Anatolian coast and the Greek islands, according to the draft declaration to be submitted by Friday at the approval of Twenty-Eight, then Turkish Prime Minister when double summit in Brussels.

“Every migrant newly arrived from Turkey to the Greek islands will be returned to Turkey,” the statement said accessed by Le Figaro . Between the lines, it confirms that the expulsions in emergency also aim Syrian war refugees, until assured of requesting international protection as soon as they set foot in Europe. The dismissal will apply in particular to all those “whose application for asylum is (…) inadmissible”, a legal classification that attaches specifically to the Syrians who have passed through Turkey, without stopping. More than half a million of them have done since the beginning of 2015, before what promises to be a halt.

Priority migrants entered Europe legally

The declaration negotiated in Brussels confirmed that each Syrian deported from Greece, another would come out in Turkish camps for direct reception in Europe through voluntary country. This is the formula called “1 to 1″. For the first time, the text lays down an order of magnitude to these “resettlement” in the form of indicative ceilings: 18,000 initially, 72,000 in total in a second.

For this legal emigration, “priority will be given to migrants who have not already entered or tried to enter Europe illegally,” the authors continue. Clearly, the Syrians deported the Greek islands will gather at the bottom of the list. The goal is to discourage crossings in the Aegean, to deprive traffickers of their “clients” and relieve Greece. It replace a solid organization, predictable and co-managed with Ankara, UNHCR and the country of final destination.

End of visas for Turks within three months

The text for Finally, lists the benefits that Turkey could expect in return for his signature. The visa requirement for Turks who go to Europe would be lifted “end no later than June 2016,” subject to verification by Brussels that Ankara meets all the necessary criteria. The European Commission would make the proposal in April, before final green light the twenty-eight capitals and the European Parliament.

On the sensitive chapter of the “process” of Turkish accession to the EU, declaration keeps any diplomatic caution: the EU, the text says, “prepare as soon as possible a decision on the opening of new chapters” in the negotiations. No subject is specified, no timetable is stopped. Finally, and subject to rapid and significant results, Ankara was promised a new financial assistance “to the extent of EUR 3 billion until the end of 2018.”

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