Electromagnetic waves: Scientists call for preventive measures


De nouvelles mesures sont en cours afin que les installations sans fil ne nous exposent pas quotidiennement à de nombreux dangers sanitaires. 

Further steps are underway to that wireless installations not daily expose us to many health hazards.
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On May 15, a call on the exposure of electromagnetic fields was launched by 190 scientists 39 countries to United Nations Member States and the World Health Organization (WHO). Objective:. Ask them to promote protective measures to minimize health risks to humans

This is the cancer risk associated with electromagnetic waves, including those emanating from the laptop, which is pointed to by the WHO’s International Cancer Research Centre as a risk “potential.” The signatories are asking the United Nations to promote preventive measures to limit exposures to EMFs. But also to strengthen international guidelines for exposure to electromagnetic fields to reflect the reality of their impact on our bodies, especially our DNA.

Impact of waves

In France, 55.7 million people have a mobile phone (mean duration of use: 2h30 per day). The notebook uses three frequency bands, the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz (dedicated to oral data) and 2100 MHz (digital). The higher the frequency, the higher the signal fades rapidly, thus requiring more powerful relay antennas. The situation is far arrange with Wi-Fi generalization, increasing chronic exposure of individuals to electromagnetic waves.

For Stephen Kerkov, project manager for Action for the Environment, “the problem is both social and health because the name of progress are preferred for irradiating solutions which, combined, increase the electromagnetic fields. ”

Headache and dizziness

This results in overexposure a growing number of people with hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.

Headaches, palpitations, headache, dizziness, insomnia, irritability tinnitus are all experienced pain.

Measures for insufficient time

After many twists and turns, the law passed earlier this year finally advocates electromagnetic sobriety.

The main measures concern the communication and consultation. For example, advertising on mobile will be in the fine is there is no hands-free kit. Mayors should inform their constituents of communications by the operators who want to install masts and they will give their opinion. Measures that go in the right direction but still inadequate regret associations as “Priartém” and “Acting for the Environment. ”

Thus, concerning the prohibition of Wi-Fi in public establishment, only the Day-care facilities are concerned, while the number of schools, colleges and libraries, opt for connections such as wired as efficient alternatives exist such as find associations, and are safer for the health of young people and adolescents.


Limit the duration of conversations with mobile
Uiliser headsets, avoid use in transport
Disable the Wi-Fi and connect to the network cable as soon as possible
Avoid use Wi-Fi in the presence of children and pregnant women.

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