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Egypt / legislation: the Islamists would get two thirds of the seats

Following the results of the first election post-Mubarak, the Islamist political parties get two-thirds of the seats in the People’s Assembly (lower house of Egyptian Parliament), said the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the country.

According to the source, the Freedom and Justice Party, political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood (banned under the Mubarak regime, ie) is leading the race and gets 204 seats out of 498.

For its part, the party Salafist Al-Nour gets 110 seats.

However, both parties could improve their score in the second rounds in the various districts of the country.

The Liberal Wafd comes third, followed by the coalition of the Bloc Egypt.

According to local media, Freedom and Justice party would seek instead to form a coalition with the liberal and democratic forces with the fundamentalist Al-Nour.

In Egypt, the legislative elections are conducted in three phases spread over four months. The third phase of parliamentary elections scheduled for January 10 and 11 in nine provinces. The final results must be announced Jan. 13. The election cycle runs from January 29 to March 11 with the election of the Advisory Council (upper house of parliament).

One of the priority tasks of the new parliament will form a committee of 100 members and experts charged with developing the new Constitution.

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