Duel between President Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition in the streets

Les partisans de l'opposition vénézuélienne ont défilé, le 12 mars, dans les rues du pays pour demander la démission du président Nicolas Maduro.

this is the street that took place on Saturday March 12, the standoff between Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition majority in Parliament. The latter has mobilized thousands of protesters across the country to demand the departure of the Socialist. Initiative in which the Head of State responded with a similar rally

Chanting “Resignation! “, opponents of Chavismo – the name of the late President Hugo Chavez, in power from 1999 to 2013 – met in Chacao, near Caracas. At the same time, a red tide as important invaded the center of the capital chanting “Maduro is not true! “ and ” Yankees, go home! “. No clashes were reported in the country, among the most violent in the world and haunted by the memory of anti-government protests that had ended in 2014 with 43 deaths.

Closing the march opposition, the Speaker of Parliament, Henry Ramos Allup, announced the launch from a Sunday “permanent debate” in the Assembly to discuss the extension of state of emergency economic, decreed by President Maduro on 15 January. This text, which gave him broad powers to renewable 60 days was rejected a week later by the unicameral Assembly, before being nevertheless validated by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), accused of being subservient to the Chavismo.

“Let them do what they want. I am here to fight “

Les sympathisants au président Nicolas Maduro dans les rues de Caracas, le 12 mars.

Under slogan ‘Come on, give it! “, the broad coalition of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), which runs from the moderate left to the hard right, had summoned his supporters in Caracas and 15 of the 23 states of the South American country. Building on the street, the opponents of the Head of State seeking support weight to the two legal procedures they have started this week to try to shorten the term of Mr. Maduro. These have a priori unlikely to succeed.

In this oil country plagued by falling prices of crude, where the population suffers from daily rampant inflation and severe shortages, opposition works in both directions to leave as soon as President: a recall referendum and a constitutional amendment to shorten his mission at the head of the executive. These initiatives require the green light from reputable organizations close to the government, the TSJ and the National Electoral Council.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Maduro has promised to stay in power “until the last day” , in a speech to his supporters when he took over the bombastic style of his predecessor and mentor, Hugo Chavez. “Let them do what they want. I am here to fight “, he has launched. Anxious to show the support it still enjoys the President had therefore also arranged to meet his supporters in the streets of Caracas with a different slogan denouncing Washington’s decision to renew a decree calling for Venezuela “unusual and extraordinary threat against security” US. In response to this text, the Head of State recalled his highest diplomatic representative Wednesday the United States.

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