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Cuba remains a one-party rule (Castro)

Cuba will never give up its regime based on a single party, said the Cuban leader Raul Castro ended the first national conference of the Communist Party.

“We defend the one-party background playing demagogic and political transformation of the goods. The design of a single party is fully consistent with Article 5 of the Cuban Constitution adopted by 97.7% of the vote in the election free, direct and secret “, said Mr. Castro.

“Giving up one-party rule is simply legalize one or more imperialist forces on our soil and sacrifice our strategic weapon, namely the unity of the Cuban people,” insisted the brother of Fidel Castro, president of the country since 2008 .

The first national conference of the Communist Party was held in Havana in camera. Organizational problems, and the adoption of a program of the party were on the menu.

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