Crisis of migrants: Denmark tightens requirements for naturalization

Des migrants installés au Danemark accueillent d'autres migrants, le 8 septembre 2015, à leur arrivée à Rodby, un port situé à 135 km au sud-ouest de Copenhague et relié par ferry à l'Allemagne.

The migrants living in Denmark host of other migrants, September 8, 2015, upon arrival at Rodby, a harbor located 135 km southwest of Copenhagen and connected by ferry to Germany. Credits Photo: MATHIAS LOVGREEN Bojesen / AFP

The testing of the language, history and culture of the country will be more difficult. Candidates must also prove that they have been able, over the last few years to financially secure their existence.

Naturalisation is more complicated to get to Denmark. The government announced Monday a tightening of requirements that applicants for naturalization must meet to become Danes. “Acquiring nationality is something very special, and as such, it is also reasonable that we now rehaussions the bar for a person to say Danish citizen,” said Minister of Integration, Inger Stojberg. This reform comes as Denmark is not spared by the magnitude of the crisis of migrants in Europe. Thousands of Syrian and Afghan migrants have entered the country since the beginning of the year. But mostly, they just go and book their application for asylum in Sweden, the home country whose policy is less restrictive. In 2014, nearly 15,000 asylum applicants made their application to Denmark, a record for almost twenty years.

allowances halved

In detail, the bill provides for a tightening of requirements to obtain Danish citizenship. Candidates should have better Danish language skills. “There are too many people who have obtained Danish citizenship without mastering the language,” said Astrid Krag, spokesman for the integration of social democrats. Monday’s announcement comes after a broad agreement between the Venstre, Liberal ruling party, the Danish People’s party of the extreme right, the Conservatives, libertarians and social democrats for such a text to be presented to Parliament. It should enter into force on 15 October.

Applicants for naturalization must also prove that they could support themselves through financial independence for at least four years and six months over the last five years against two years and six months now. they will also get a better score on a test for Denmark, by correctly answering at least 32 questions out of 40. The questions cover areas as diverse as news, history and Danish society. Moreover, the period during which the candidates with a criminal record can not present their demand will increase by half. Currently, a conviction can result in a suspension ranging from three to twenty years, depending on the nature of the crime.

This policy of tightening foreign reception conditions is not new. On July 1, financial support to asylum seekers have already been halved. Now an asylum applicant without children receives 892 dollars per month, against 1,627 dollars awarded to date. A measure taken to encourage claimants to work, according to its promoters.

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