Chinese stratagems hunting concubines

La plupart des maîtresses sont isolées du monde dans un appartement payé par leur amant.

The Most mistresses are isolated from the world in an apartment paid for by their lover Photo credit:. Axelle de Russé I

The women are deceived Legion in China, where having a mistress reports to the standing for some men. But more and more brides are rebelling, with the help of specialized dispensaries in the “diversion” illegitimate. A true commando operation, which does not bother delicacy.

Crumbled crab carcasses littering the nightstand. “You cook very well madam. I’m enjoying your crabs with your husband, “says SMS accompanying the explicit photograph taken in a bedroom. It is by this message that insolent Shanghainese mother discovered she was mistaken. For some, the shock is too rough. As this 42 year old woman Jiangsu who committed suicide with pesticides there two months after receiving a similar message. “Here’s the address of my apartment, it was purchased by your husband. Know that the car I drive also comes from him. Come and see me, “commented her a young colleague of her husband. Since the suicide of his girlfriend, Ms. Wang is on the alert to Jianding, this satellite city of …

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