China: a traditional festival where dogs are killed and eaten forbidden

A traditional celebration dating back over 600 years during which the dogs are skinned and eaten on the street has been banned in eastern China after a wave of indignation that spread on the Internet, reported  agance new China on Wednesday.

The dogs are killed and skinned in the streets of the city of Qianxi in Zhejiang province, during this celebration that is traditionally held in October.

This fair commemorates a military victory in the region under the Ming dynasty, during which dogs were killed to prevent their barking alert the enemy, the agency said.

“The old show was replaced in the 1980s by a modern trade fair, but consumption (meat) dog was kept as a tradition,” reported New China.

But in recent years, vendors have begun to kill dogs in public to prove that they offered dog meat was fresh and safe, and convince consumers that their mistrust  the same frozen or contaminated was unfounded.

Thousands of Internet users outraged stormed social networks to criticize the party and ask the local government to intervene, the agency said.

“The rapid response of the government should be encouraged. I hope that consumption (meat) dog will never be a custom there. It’s not a carnival, it’s a massacre,” wrote the one of them, Junchangzai on a micro-blog.

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