China: a mother saves her son in extremis an escalator before finishing crushed

The images were difficult to sustain. A mother died this Sunday, crushed by the escalator of a shopping center Jingzhou in central China. But before dying, as shown by the images captured by surveillance cameras, and then broadcast on the Chinese media (as MetroNews decided not to relay), the mother had the reflex to save her son.
 What has happened? During the ascent on the escalator, everything goes well: the young woman of about 30 years held the railing with her little boy at her side. It is upon arrival that the situation degenerates. When the mother trying to raise her son to reach the platform, it collapses under her feet, the service door of the seeming insecure device.

 The lifeless body found within hours

In desperation, she then pushes her son away from the escalator into the arms of an employee of the mall who was passing by. A second then tries to rescue her, but in vain: in a few seconds, the young mother disappears, caught by the mechanism. The lifeless body of the victim was extracted from the escalator, several hours after the incident.

The accident made Monday morning one of the Chinese newspapers. As highlighted in the site of the Obs, more than half a million Chinese have shown their emotion on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and praised the maternal instinct of the mother.

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