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Chavez accused the United States and Israel to provoke a nuclear war

On Monday Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has urged the international community to consider the threat of nuclear war caused, he said in a speech on TV Venezuelan.

“A nuclear war can lead to the end of life on Earth, the threat is real and who is responsible? The Government of the United States and its ally Israel,” Chavez said in responding to accusations from Washington and Tel Aviv made ​​against Iran and Syria.

Chavez is convinced that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful in nature and that the efforts of the Syrian leadership to counter armed groups aim to stabilize the situation in the country.

Chavez confirmed that Venezuela since 2010 studying the possibility of developing a civilian nuclear program in 2010.

“We are beginning to develop civilian nuclear energy program. We need and we are currently conducting the first studies on this issue,” said the Venezuelan president.

Previously, Venezuela reached an agreement with Russia on the development of a first nuclear power plant.

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