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Cease-fire in Syria: no clashes reported (media)

No clashes between government forces and opposition have been reported in Syria since the entry into force of the cease-fire (0300 UTC 12 April) under the plan of Kofi Annan, said the international media on Thursday.

However, according to Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH), explosions were heard in the town of Zabadani (southeast), these claims have not been confirmed by other sources.

Western media regularly publish information provided by the OSDH, which is strongly criticized by Russian diplomacy. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the NGO has only two employees (Director and Secretary), and its leader Rami Abderrahman, residing in London, did not even finish high school.

The cease-fire was established in the country on April 12 at 06:00 local time (3:00 UTC), in accordance with the settlement plan of the Syrian crisis proposed by the Special Envoy of the UN and Arab League to Syria Kofi Annan. The plan also provides for the launch of political dialogue, the withdrawal of government forces of Syrian cities, and reaffirms the need to release political prisoners and to provide humanitarian assistance to areas affected by fighting.

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