Burkina Faso: “The population does not support the military coup”

The Burkina Faso sinks into confusion after the coup occurred Wednesday evening that saw arrive at the head of the country Diendéré Gilbert, a relative of ousted President Blaise Compaoré, installed by military coup. MetroNews takes stock of the situation.

who overthrew the government in power?
The Acting President Michel Kafando and his government were dismissed Thursday by soldiers of the RSP, the Presidential Security Regiment, who kidnapped the President and members of the government. Thursday late morning, the putschists have installed Diendéré Gilbert, former Chief of Staff and right arm Blaise Compaoré – the former president of the country, ousted from his position last year – at the head of the country .

What’s the RSP?
The old guard closer to Blaise Compaore, Burkina Faso President ousted last October after 27 years in power, “responsible for security of the head of state, told MetroNews Francis Laloupo journalist in Africa and 1 teacher in geopolitics at the IPJ, in Paris. It is an army in the military, often more army the army itself often seen a body in dictatorships “
This reversal of power follows a combination of factors, says Francis LALOUP, which cites two major: first, the adoption of a new electoral code, there are four months. A controversial text says France24 , which excluded from the presidential and legislative, scheduled for October, the faithful of President Blaise Compaore who supported the draft constitutional revision behind the uprising that caused the leak the former head of state last year. Another factor is the evocation Monday by the commission for reforms to dissolve the regiment. After the departure of Compaore, a lively debate on keeping the RSP had taken place, a debate that was not decided until the beginning of the week, and that he seems to set fire to the powder.

The RSP therefore seek to defend its corporate interests as much as to create disorder before the elections, says Wouter Elsen, an independent journalist in Ouagadougou.

What does the local population?
It is the majority against the coup and nobody supports the RSP ensures together with MetroNews Wouter Elsen and Francis Laloupo. The latter explains that spontaneous demonstrations were created in the city center of the capital to show their opposition. Demonstrations dispersed by the RSP that made warning shots.

There’s there was violence?
A little. A few strokes of RSP on demonstrators are to be deplored, explains Wouter Elsen.

What were the first decisions of the military coup?
During the coup state, military cut issuers TVs and private radio stations in the image of RFI, Radio France International, which emits more on the territory of Burkina Faso. “A standard protocol during a coup to isolate the country,” said Francis Laloupo. The putsch was then announced on state television of the country, RTB , which continues to emit. The military then announced the establishment of a curfew from 19 pm to 6 am, and closing the country’s borders.

When RFI he will reissue in Burkina Faso?
Good question. The transmitter cut from inside the country, only the military will decide on again or not. “This is far too early to discuss this point, the reporter assures Africa 1. We must wait and see how that will happen in the hours and days ahead.”

Moreover, what will it happen next?
This is obviously blurring. According to Francis Laloupo the coup and the removal of the interim president means stopping the transition process, which was to lead to democratic elections on 11 October. Besides local people opposed to the coup, the Economic Community of West African rejected ensures the journalist. The landlocked country, finds himself gradually isolated. An untenable situation.

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