Britain sets conditions for staying in the EU

Le ministre britannique des Finances, George Osborne, mardi 3 novembre à Berlin.

The British Finance Minister George Osborne, Tuesday, November 3 in Berlin Photo Credits:. FABRIZIO BENSCH / REUTERS

London, the real kickoff to negotiations on its future in Europe. If successful the probable consecration profile is a two-speed Europe.

After months of stand-by, Britain has only a few weeks to convince Europeans its reforms. On a visit to Berlin on Tuesday, the British finance minister George Osborne presented the demands of London. Next week it is the turn of Prime Minister David Cameron to lie them on paper in a letter send to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

The Twenty-Eight will then discuss these proposals at a council in Brussels in mid-December, discussions are expected to continue early next year. It was only once reached agreement on a set of reforms that London will give the referendum date scheduled on the membership of the United Kingdom to the EU. At best, in June 2016, if not in the fall and, if things lying around, in 2017.

Britain that aims for success the probable consecration of a two-speed Europe, nevertheless had to review his ambitions downwards. A large part of its claims are intended to sanctuaries in the texts the status of separate member whose country has already, like the euro or the Schengen border-free area. George Osborne including repeated on Tuesday that the right to a national currency should be anchored in the European Treaties, provided for staying in the EU. London also claims that either buried the phrase “ever closer union” contained in the preamble of the European treaties and became the symbol of his showdown with Europe.

In Brussels, these negotiations will be difficult with financial strength, political and military which is, de facto, the third pillar of the union for forty-two. Although since British Prime Minister mentioned, early 2013, a “renegotiation” of European treaties followed by a referendum, the lines are close together.

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