Biden challenges the Palestinian leadership for its silence over the violence

Le premier ministre israélien, Benyamin Nétanyahou, accueille le vice-président Joe Biden à Jérusalem, le mercredi 9 mars.

not a criticism, not a political subject, not a mention of colonization or harm to the Israeli occupation in the West Bank. US Vice President Joe Biden, justified his reputation as a great friend of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting Wednesday, March 9 between the two men. Joe Biden was very vocal to the press to describe his complicity with “Bibi” and emotional connections which his family with the country. But he removed any reference to the tensions in bilateral relations.
The vice president spoke at length about the Palestinian attacks occurred Tuesday in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Petah Tikva, when he had just arrived. His wife and two of his grandchildren were dining by the sea not far from Jaffa – “I do not know if it was 100 meters or 1000 meters,” said Joe Biden – when a 22-year-old from the West Bank has committed a series of stabbings. He killed an American veteran named Taylor Force, aged 29, who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq

Without mentioning the name of Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, he had to meet in Ramallah in the evening, Joe Biden seemed to question the Palestinian leadership for its silence. “The United States condemns these acts and condemn the failure to condemn” has he said, adding later: “ The violence we saw aujourd ay, the inability to condemn the rhetoric that encourages violence, reprisals that it entails, this will stop. “

common security interests against the EI

Since 1 er October 2015 start of the new cycle of violence, 188 Palestinians (including many aggressors), 28 Israelis, two Americans, an Eritrean and Sudanese were killed. Israeli security services agree that the stabbings, the car ram or even gun does not fit into a strategy, a plan coordinated from above. This is, in an overwhelming majority of individual and unpredictable approaches. But the Israeli government questions the incentive policy to the Palestinian side violence, including through television channels and social networks.

The US vice president made a vague reference to “status quo” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There is no political process since the failure of the negotiations conducted under the auspices of Secretary of State John Kerry in spring 2014. Joe Biden has therefore not discussed the possible desire of Barack Obama in the last straight line of his presidency, to take a diplomatic initiative. One hypothesis mentioned in the last forty-eight in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times in terms rather vague and cautious to understand that no decision had yet been taken. Biden did not mention the recent French initiative for an international conference to boost the protagonists of the conflict.

The vice president has preferred to focus on the unwavering alliance between the two countries, reinforced by Barack Obama. The US has provided Israel, recalled Joe Biden “historic levels of security assistance” , making sure that he had “the most sophisticated weapons including the most effective missile defense systems in the world. ” M. Biden also refers to “new realities of the region” and the perspectives they drew for Israel. “ If we had interviewed in the region, four years ago, the possibility of peace, real peace, under conditions between Arab countries and Israel, I would have said no luck “ pointed out the vice president. But the common security interests, facing the organization Islamic State (EI), have changed the situation.

Joe Biden also wanted to give pledges of vigilance and firmness against Iran. The US “act” if it is confirmed that Tehran has conducted new tests of ballistic missiles, he said. Two ballistic missiles were tested Wednesday, reported Fars, on their side the inscription in Hebrew “Israel must be wiped out.” The head of the air division of the Revolutionary Guards, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said the testing was to demonstrate Iran’s ability to reach Israel: “Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries and will not last long in a war. It will collapse even before being hit by these missiles. “

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