What is the best passport in the world

Le passeport français permet de visiter 175 pays sans visa.

The french passport allows to visit 175 countries without a visa Photo credits. Credits: CC.BY2.0 / Flickr / hjl

Some more open borders than others. Each year the Visa Restriction Index lists the countries whose passports are used to move most easily. In 2016, Germany is in the lead. And France very well classified.

All passports will not open the same doors. In an annual filing, the Henley Visa Restrictions & Partner Class Index countries based on the freedom to travel with its citizens enjoy. It identifies countries that have the most freedom to travel, based on the number of countries that someone can visit without a visa, or receiving a visa only at the time of arrival at destination, without making a prior request . In 2016, for the third consecutive year, Germany is top of the charts. The small German book opens the doors of 177 countries on 218. In second place, Sweden, which allows to visit 176 countries without a visa, just ahead of France, tied with Finland, Italy, Spain and UK, reaching the score of 175.

to create this list, the Visa Restriction Index takes into account that biometric passports, and assesses the conditions of access to a country. Thus, when the conditions for obtaining a visa are simple, one point is assigned. However, where there are more conditions needed (letter of invitation, consular approval …), no points are assigned.

At the bottom of the list, the Pakistani passports, Syrian, Iraqi or Somali. They allow the holder to travel in thirty countries. In fourth position percent, is Afghanistan which is last on the list. Thier passport allows you to visit 25 countries without visa. According to the US magazine Fortune , “the scores reflect the weight of the different countries in diplomatic relations.”

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