Back to the future: the hoverboard presented by Lexus in video

Retour vers le futur : l'hoverboard présenté par Lexus en vidéo

The manufacturer Lexus revives the myth Back to the Future by presenting a video of its hoverboard. The branch of Toyota had announced in June that it has succeeded in developing a prototype of this flying skateboard that made sense in the movie Back to the Future.

The hoverboard Lexus goes into high gear. The mythical transport unit in Back to the Future could win a second life after that on the screens. Lexus, the top-end subsidiary of Toyota, announced late June have succeeded in developing a prototype hoverboard. “The Lexus brand has partnered with leading experts in the field of superconducting technology in order to create a hoverboards most developed so far,” so stated a press release. The crazy project took a little longer as 5 August with the broadcast of a video shot in a skate park in Barcelona. We see the machine in action there in the hands of several riders including Britain’s Ross McGouran. Fascinating especially for fans of the first hour of the saga Back to the Future.

Remember, it was 26 years ago on your screens. In the second part of the saga, the hero Marty McFly, transported in the future, using this flying skateboard funny to escape his enemies including the dreaded Griff Tannen. The year of his journey was none other than 2015. Lexus therefore carries a nice nod moviegoers but remained far below the mysterious discovery. What shows us this new video? Firstly this hoverboard uses magnetic levitation well through superconductors cooled with liquid nitrogen, which explains the noticeable smoke on video transmitted by the brand. The brand is associated with magnets. The technology resembles that used by the new Japanese Bullet train, the Maglev, which exceeded this year the 600 km / h. For now, the hoverboard prototype is not intended for future commercialization even if Lexus did not exclude to present by the end of the year. You see yourself already walking the sidewalks levitating? Your optimism could be dampened by the many technical limitations of the project. The skate park Barcelona has indeed been designed and manufactured by Lexus for the occasion. A magnet system was installed to create the magnetic field required to move the hoverboard and Lexus concedes in a statement.

An American journalist was also able to try it and the verdict is final. “I put my right foot on the board (I’m goofy which means that my right foot is in front) and I immediately noticed something important: it was really wobbly for left to right, Sam Sheffer said. I almost felt like I had to balance on a tightrope. I was pushing with my back foot as on a traditional skateboard and I instantly made scraping the bottom of the board on the floor . The gliding fluid and smooth as I hoped only came over short distances and find balance proved to be a major challenge. I tried to move my weight and position my feet in different ways but after 10 minutes or so, I managed to advance a few meters without scraping against the floor. My longest run came when I placed my right foot directly over the center of the hoverboard and I left my left foot outside. It’s fun but it’s an advertising tool. It’s fun but it’s certainly not the experience hoverboarding seen Back to the Future. “

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