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Baby to symbolize the passage of the world population to seven billion people

MANILA, Philippines – On Sunday she came to the world night two minutes before midnight Monday, May Danica Camacho became a symbol of the passage of the world population to seven billion people and concerns about the future of the planet.

The birth of the little girl in a public hospital in Manila was welcomed by a chocolate cake with the words “7B Philippines” (7000000000 Philippines) and gifts, amid flashes of photographers and speeches by local officials .

Among the million births recorded in the world every day, it is impossible to point to the coming of the seven billionth human being. On  Monday the UN decided to mark the day with a series of celebrations around the world and many babies symbolizing the crossing of the bar.

Danica was the first: the little girl of 2.5 kg was born to Jose Fabella Hospital in Manila, Sunday at 11:58 p.m., but the doctors felt that her birth was close enough to midnight to count the number of births the next day.

According to demographers, the helm of a billion people was taken in 1804 and that of two billion in 1927. The twentieth century was marked by an acceleration of population growth: in 1959 three billion, four billion in 1974, five billion in 1987, six billion in 1998.

The United Nations estimates that world population will reach eight billion by 2025 and 10 billion in 2083. But the numbers could vary widely depending on factors ranging from life expectancy to infant mortality.

In Uttar Pradesh, India, the most populous state of the second most populous country in the world, representatives of authorities said they would designate seven children  to symbolize the seven billion people on Monday.

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