Australian Dad Posts Facebook Status Then Kills Daughter

In Australia, a man left a status on his Facebook page that read “bout to kill ma kid.” Nothing was thought of this status. Later it was revealed that minutes after he wrote it, he stabbed his two year old daughter. The man is Ramazan Acar of Melbourne, Australia. He pleaded guilty to the murder of his two year old daughterr, Yazmina Acar, in the Melbourne Magistrates Court. Court documents showed that Acar made the comment about killing his daughter on Facebook and said it was “pay bk” (payback) against the child’s mother.

The murder is said to be revenge against his ex-partner, Rachelle D’Argent. Acar came by to visit and take young Yazmina out for chocolate. Instead of this outing, he stabbed her multiple times and left her to die. Ramazan called and texted Rachelle after picking up his daughter for the trip to the chocolate shop. He told her she would not get back her daughter while asking which way he should kill her—car crash or stabbing. Acar was upset that he hadn’t seen his child for a number of months so decided to make sure D’Argent never see their daughter again. “How does it feel to not have your child when I did not have mine for three months?” he said.

Acar also expressed a desire to kill himself as well as Yazmina but he”did not have the balls”.  Acar was arrested and is in custody. He is due to go before the Victorian Supreme Court later this month.


Angelica Bee

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