Australia: discovery of underwater volcanoes off Sydney

Les quatre volcans éteints ont été découverts par hasard le mois dernier à environ 250 kilomètres (155 miles) au large de Sydney par une équipe de chercheurs en quête de gîtes larvaires de homards.

The four extinct volcanoes were discovered by chance last month about 250 kilometers (155 miles) off Sydney by a team of researchers looking for breeding lobsters.

A group of submerged volcanoes was discovered off Sydney which should allow scientists to better understand the separation of New Zealand with the Australian continental shelf there are tens of millions of years, have scientists said Monday.

The four extinct volcanoes were discovered by chance last month about 250 kilometers (155 miles) off Sydney, southeast of Australia, by a team of researchers in search of breeding lobsters.

Spread over twenty kilometers, these volcanoes reconstitute a kind of “window on the basement” of the seabed, according to Richard Arculus, volcanologist of the National University Australia. “They tell us some of the history of separation there are 40 million to 80 million years of New Zealand and Australia. They will now help scientists focus their future explorations to pierce the crust of secrets, “he said.

At 4900 meters deep

probably dates back 50 million years, the volcanoes are located at 4900 meters deep, which explains why they have not previously been observed. One of them has a crater 1500 meters in diameter and rises about 700 meters. They were flushed by the Investigator, an Australian research vessel with sonar, which can map the seabed at that depth. “I think every time we shine the spotlight on the bottom of the sea we see things that we had never seen,” said M.Arculus.

The project is led by a team of 28 scientists from several Australian universities, the Canadian University of British Columbia and the University of Auckland.

VIDEO. Volcanoes photographed through a sonar

The Japanese archipelago, which already has 8,645 islands, welcomed a new island in November 2013. He was born in the eruption of underwater volcano Nishinoshima, about one thousand kilometers south of Tokyo, in the Ogasawara Islands, in the Pacific Ocean. When the dish came into contact with the surface of the water, it turned into a kind of mud that eventually solidify and form a small island.


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